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Our Services

We offer diagnostics assessments and individual psychotherapy for adults. We also provide consultation services to individuals who seek to understand a particular problem or issue they are experiencing (or someone they care about).


There are several types of psychological assessments including; treatment oriented, diagnostic, cognitive, personality, psychoeducational assessment, and neuropsychogical. The assessment may include interviews, testing and completing self-report questionnaires. The types of assessment I offer in my practice are diagnostic, personality, cognitive and treatment oriented.

Once all the information is gathered, we combine the information gathered from interviews, tests and questionnaires and available file information, to arrive at a conceptualization or diagnosis of your particular problem. Finally, We will review the results of the assessment with you and discuss how to use the assessment to develop a treatment plan.

Following the assessment, we will sometimes make a formal diagnosis of a mental health disorder and this will be fully explained to you. Sometimes no diagnosis will be made but there will be a better understanding of the difficulties you have been experiencing. In either case at the end of the assessment We will discuss with you the results of the assessment and outline a proposed treatment plan.

Individual Therapy

At the Centre for Change we offer cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. In our work together we focus on changing your thinking patterns, improving your ability to manage emotions and facing the circumstances, thoughts and feelings that you may have avoided.

Professional Supervision & Consultation

Individuals sometimes see a psychologist for a consultation which generally involves meeting once or twice to discuss a particular problem. The basis of our advice is derived from our education, training, clinical experience and the scientific literature. Generally, individuals are seeking our professional opinion about a matter (e.g., wanting to better understand what to do to help a loved one or themselves). Professionals also consult with me to better serve their client needs.

We provide clinical supervision to masters and PhD students who are currently enrolled in a clinical psychology program.

Community Presentations & Professional Workshops

We are passionate about empowering and educating others regarding mental health and mental illness. We regularly deliver presentations and workshops on a variety of mental health topics including;

  • Mainlining the Medium: Does Internet Addiction Really Exist?
  • Supersize Stress: Evidence Based Strategies to Reduce Stress
  • Riding the Rollercoaster: Strategies to Manage your Emotions and Moods
  • Readying Yourself to Become Resilient 
  • Women’s’ Mental Health
  • From Chaos to Contentment