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Ms. Corina Lacombe

B.A., Doctoral Student
Practicum Student (Doctoral in Clinical Psychology)

I am a fifth-year Ph.D. student in the clinical psychology program at the University of Ottawa. I offer psychodiagnostic assessments and evidence-based treatment interventions within both group and individual modes of therapy. My clinical experience has mostly focused on the treatment of borderline personality disorder (i.e., DBT), posttraumatic stress disorder (i.e., CPT), Trauma and stressor-related symptoms, and chronic pain (i.e., CBT). Together, we work collaboratively to ensure that you, not only feel like you have a life worth living but one that aligns with your values and future goals.

Other Professional Contributions

We communicate information about ourselves all the time with our facial expressions and body posturing. These important non-verbal cues can help deepen our understanding of an individual's emotional state. That is why I’ve dedicated my research to investigating how important these non-verbal cues, like emotional facial expressions, influence the prognosis of anxiety disorders.


  • Ph. D Candidate in clinical psychology - University of Ottawa (2019- present)
  • B.A. (Hon.) Honours in psychology - University of Ottawa (2016-2019)

Clinical Services for Adults, 18-65 years

  • Structured and semi-structured psycho-diagnostic assessments
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder
  • Anxiety disorders (generalized, social anxiety)
  • Emotion dysregulation
  • Depressive disorders